Tuesday, May 19, 2009

In Pictures

Here're some recent pictures to catch up what we've been up to the last little while.

We went camping this last weekend. It was really HOT but we survived and even saw some wildlife... Alligators, an armadillo, B saw a fox, lightning bugs, and the ever present plethera of mosquitos. :)It was B's first cub scout activity and he has THE best time. We all did. :)
Once the kids heard we were camping, we got asked, "Are we going to go camping today?" about 40 million different times. We're going to surprise them next time!
Along with camping, M spent a lot of time getting his, er, I mean our garden together. We've actually enjoyed eating some fresh herbs & some blueberries from our garden & flower beds already.
I love that man.
My family had the opportunity to get together for my Grandma's funeral this past month. Here's everyone that was there from our immediate family. It was great seeing everyone. Some relatives I hadn't seen for over 12 years.
A fun & yummy breakfast - Thanks Mom & Dad!
The whole crew.
Some pics from the hotel. Hanging with D - you sexy mama you.
Isn't my neice cute? His daddy isn't bad either. :)
Cute pic of my smokin-hot sisters and adorable nephew!
I love this shot. It completely captures how family get togethers usually go. I love these people with all my heart.
Mr. Mischief himself. A has taken the whole 'Terrible Twos' saying and run with it. He is constantly either on my lap, or off causing trouble. Sometimes, he manages to do both at the same time. What a cute little terror!!
This is my little Calvin & Hobbes photo shoot. B wouldn't be serious and just take a normal picture. I have about 20 pictures of him with different poses and facial expressions. This is him being a tiger. Grrrrr.
T is just the opposite. According to her, I didn't take enough pictures of her & they ALL turned out this cute. What a bug. :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Swine Flu

I thought this was good enough to pass along.