Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March = Great Month!!

It has been pretty windy here, and Hubby & I took advantage of that fact and had some fun kite-flying with the kids.I'm such a sucker for her cutie grins! & She's such a sucker for the camera.Even A had a great time with his 'kite.' I went to the Rodeo & Keith Urban concert with some friends and had a great time! Thanks for inviting me!! What a fun night with such a crazy bunch! Nice look, D! I was able to spend time with some family during Spring Break and had a blast! Thanks to all who came and for all the video conferences for those that couldn't come. It made me wish we were closer to family so we could see each other more often, but at least we can get together on occasion. (Lyd & Danielle - I've left a big space for a photo shop... hint hint)
My whole world. Love you guys!
This picture totally reminds me of a picture that was in my dad's office growing up of two little kids with the caption, "Been Farming Long?" I don't know why, but every time I look at it, I get nostalgic. What cute cousins. Maybe its because they got along and played so well. I hope that they get the chance to know each other as they grow up.
Thanks for the awesome cards Lyd! The cousins loved playing with them! But this picture was my favorite - priceless expression Dad!!!
Even the guys had fun!
Game night.
Me & My DaddyMy completely adorable nephew!This has to be one of my favorite shots. Gotta love it!
Fun with Siblings.Flying High on the Ferris Wheel.Mmmmmm-mmmm. Ice cream!Contact Follow Up - While my family was here, I got a call from my Optical center and they wanted me to try one more brand. Without any hope for them working, I said sure, made the drive (I had to buy Twilight anyway) and picked them up. THEY WORKED!!! So excited to report that I am able to wear contacts when I want and where I want now. And... so I'm wearing my glasses today. lol Isn't that how it always is? I want what I can't have and then as soon as I get it, I'm all -woo hoo!! hmmm, what else do I want. What a tard.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Framed. For. Life.

For those of you who don’t know, I recently took the plunge after umpteen years of wearing glasses and got contacts. I was immediately in love with the fact that I no longer smudged when I cuddled with M, didn’t fog up when I was at the gym…or um…anywhere in TX for that matter, or get my vision ripped off my face by my 1 ½ year old. I was living the dream. (And you’re thinking “HA! Way to dream big, A!”)

I must explain something to those of you who laughed. I’m extremely cheap. Especially when it comes to myself. I wouldn’t even think of spending the extra $100 for the eye exam alone – not even considering how much more $ the upkeep and constant purchasing of new contacts presented. I just figured it was my lot to wear glasses. Even after completely hashing and re-hashing the “Should I, Shouldn’t I?” discussion with M like 16 times, I still waffled once I was in the doctor’s office. I guess my selfishness prevailed…

Finally. After all this time. I could see clearly without something on my face. I had always been told that my eyes were my best feature and all this time I was covering them up. I felt pretty. I was out of my visual box & I felt free. I didn’t feel quite as nerdy either and I loved it!!

Sigh. Apparently it was not meant to be. I realized after a few days of wearing my trial pair that I had stopped seeing clearly out of my contacts. I went back to the doctor to see what she could do and after an hour of playing cat and mouse – so to speak – she said that my eyes just don’t like contacts. As soon as she fixed the vision in my left eye, my right eye would go blurry and so on and so on…

So now here I sit. Glasses it place. Seeing once again though a box. Blast you Astigmatism! Blast YOU!!!! You gave me my freedom only to snatch it away the instant I felt truly free. Oh, how you mock me.

Hmmm. I’ve been hearing good things about LASIK…