Monday, December 14, 2009


Brandt (7) continues his love of reading, 2nd grade, making projects, telling Mom and Dad all about the wonderful facts that he’s learning, being a big helper with the other two, crusading about why he needs a dog, and is becoming an expert in persuasion and manipulation. Lately, he’s become obsessed with defeating the world against Darth Vader’s evil-ness (aka: LEGOs Star Wars). Matt is pride incarnate! (Wait, I thought pride was evil… nice.) Brandt has also begun to take piano lessons and is really enjoying it. He is so such a joy manly and cool!

Talia (5) is our enforcer. As sweet and caring as she is, she loves to let you know when you’re ‘in trouble!’ She uses a ‘sneak attack’ form of discipline. Everything is wonderful and roses, until a rule is broken and then its like WWE (that’s WWF for you old-timers) in High Definition! She is still quite the princess and loves to play dress-up, make crafts, and is becoming quite the expert at coloring. She is currently in her second year of preschool and absolutely loves it! She recently took a midnight trip to the hospital with Dad for her first asthma attack (Ahh, good times! Especially when she hurled all over the equipment, the nurse, and me). Fortunately she was very blessed and pulled through just fine.

Aeron (2) is VERY two. He’s into everything and takes delight in seeing how fast he can do it while our backs are turned. I’m quite amazed at his efficiency; I only wish I could hone his mad skills!! We are constantly laughing at his antics as he’s turning into quite the comic/entertainer. He LOVES to wrestle with his dad and Brandt. He is 100% boy and loves anything to do with running, sports, making funny noises, trains, cars, motorcycles, and making people laugh. We’re lucky to have him and all his spunk in our lives.

Matt (complete with aching back and gray hair) is still hard at work at Lockheed/NASA. He likes to tell people what to do and so his position works well for him. These people actually listen!! (Ehh, not really I just pretend like they do – it makes the day go faster.) He is so great with the kids and they tackle him the moment he walks in the door. He’s been playing football on Saturday mornings with our ward and comes home boasting of how amazing he is and how many touchdowns he makes (I am pretty amazing). Personally, I think this is meant to compensate for all the moaning and limping he does for days afterward (Totally untrue, by the way).

Amber (forever young and spry) is having a great time with the kids (Facebook), her church calling (still in YW) (Facebook), and painting the house (and Facebook). This last May, I decided that I was sick of looking like I did, and got my rear in gear and lost 20 lbs. Hopefully, these lost pounds will not be ‘found’ any time soon as we are looking forward to our 10yr Anniversary in February sans kids (Thanks Mom and Dad!!) We’re headed to the Caribbean, and are like 2 kids waiting for Christmas to come (actually, it’s like one adult and one kid).

May you have a wonderful Holiday Season and that the Spirit of Christmas touches your hearts and homes.

&, Amber and Family (Commentary by Matt)