Thursday, February 5, 2009

Miffed at the Tooth Fairy

Brandt lost another tooth a couple days ago & he got pretty excited for the tooth fairy to come. He wrapped his tooth up and put it carefully under his pillow. In the morning, he immediately checked and.... the tooth was still there. Hmmm. He got all concerned that maybe something happened, but we all came up with possible reasons as to why the tooth fairy didn't get the chance to come over.

"Maybe she had too many teeth to collect. - Mom, Maybe she didn't know where to look. - T, Maybe she thought it was T who lost the tooth. - Dad, (& my personal favorite) Maybe she died. - B"

By the end of the conversation & hypotheses, we were all certain that she would come the next night. When I woke B up the next day, he once again, immediately flipped over his pillow to see how much he made on his front tooth.

Nope, that dang tooth was still there! WHAT THE FREAK, FAIRY!?!?! Can't you get it right the second time?? This poor little boy wants his money. He did his part. Is it so hard for you to leave a quarter or something to help the kid out??


Update: B received a $1 bill. (I think that the Tooth Fairy felt a little guilty...)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Copy Cat

One of my friends just recently blogged about how awesome her husband was and I thought, "Gosh, what a great idea!" Since mine just celebrated his 35th b-day, I thought I'd publicly declare how much I love him and some of the reasons why.

1. He's my best friend, even when I'm not friend-worthy.
2. He is the perfect father to our children. That wonderful blend of playful yet firm.
3. He often lets me sleep in even though he's the one that's been up with the kids during the night.
4. He likes white walls. I like color. Our bedroom is now painted in color.
5. He gives me the softest kisses when I'm sad and if that doesn't work, tickles me until I'm laughing through my tears.
6. He knows when to hold me close and when to steer clear.
7. He lets (and sometimes helps) me tease him about being nerdy.
8. He is extremely kind & thoughtful and oh, so manly & sexy.
9. He doesn't ask a lot and gives 110% of himself to ensure the happiness of his family.
10. He can make my heart skip a beat with just his smile.

I love you, Honey. Happy Birthday!