Sunday, February 24, 2008

Year of the Monkey

OK, so seeing as how B has been celebrating Chinese New Year in school the last few days, we've learned a little about our Chinese 'signs.' T, as it turns out is a Monkey and they tend to be pretty funny/lively. Well, this morning, the sign proved to be true. We were sitting around the breakfast table and T asked for a drink of my tomato juice. I gave her a sip and she got a pretty funny look on her face. She then said, "It makes me die!" We all cracked up at that and she thought she was pretty clever for making us laugh. Anyway, I hope this brightens your day as well.

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I AM alive.

I'm just in hiding. I've been doing projects here and there around the house. Mostly organizing, boring projects that don't deserve the attention of my camera. So, that's why I haven't been posting lately. Anyway, this is just me, sending out love into the abyss to you, my 'avid' reader.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Talia's Room

I just finished redoing T's Room. Here are a couple of pictures of the before:

And here are the after shots:

Do you think that I need to paint the butterflies on these walls too? Hubby thinks it will be too much, and I can't decide. Any opinions?

Clownin' Around

Here's a fun photo collection of Mom, Bre, & Dad coming to Houston. Enjoy!
Isn't my nephew cute!? He's such a ham!
Hangin' out at Brandon & Melinda's house.
Dad & CJ - All smiles.
Mom & Dad at the Houston Temple.
A trip to Chuck E Cheese never hurts!
Love ya, Sis!
Talia couldn't get enough!
Aeron was enthralled with all the lights and laughter.
Brandt even had time to find a girlfriend. What a mack!
Matt is so proud.
Salt Grass Steak House.... YUMMY!
Can't forget my little cutie, Aeron!
Gramma with the grandkids.
Rocking out by the Cadillac Grill.
We had such a good time dancing and signing... in broad daylight.
Needless to say, we got some interesting looks.Even the kids had a blast.
Say cheese!What a fun day! Puddle splashing by the fountain.Run, Talia, Adam & Amber!Mom was feeling pretty good after fitting into my jeans! You go girl!Landon & Bre, taking a break for a photo opp.Standing close to the alligators, just not too close!Cutie cousins.Here fishy, fishy!Go away, fishy fishy!!!
(This is such a priceless moment captured. I love it!)Feeding the sting rays.Not.... feeding the sting rays. No, you go first!
We did it!!!Taking a break to admire the cuties...I love these little boogers!Princess 24/7
Fun with cousins at the aquarium.Brandon & Mom at the AlamoMom & AeronFeeding the ducks.More feeding the ducks &...
keeping warm... barely!!I was smart and stayed in the car with Aeron.Breanna's even cute when she's freezing!Here we are just wrestling around on the bed. Back at the Animal Park. Where its up close & personal!
The only sign that made us question our visit.Maybe this was why we needed to stay inside??Tuckered out at the Space Center.
Who gets to carry me!??!Late night hair fiasco that led to a 12:30am WalMart run for hair dye. Breanna, you're such a good sport!
Last day.
Just one last cheese. Love you guys! Miss ya already.