Tuesday, September 23, 2008

August & September in a Nutshell

I would like to preface this blog with "I'm lazy." I uploaded a heck of a lot of pictures for a nice visual update, but if they're not in the right order (which they won't be) I guess its just because I didn't want to spend any longer on the computer than I had to. :) Sorry! But enjoy the pics anyway.

A & I in front of "Journey to Atlantis" at SeaWorld. A absolutely LOVED watching the marine life.
A nice little photo opp. Isn't my husband cute!?
Our very dear friends evacuated to San Antonio with us.
B climbing trees while Hubby & I rode the "Screaming Eel."
T wishing she was up in the tree too. (You can see part of the ride in the background. SOOO fun!!)
A fun shot of the kids in front of the Riverwalk in downtown San Antonio.
J & I taking a great opportunity to pose like superstars. ;)
Gotta love ice cream when its in the 90s and 100% humidity!
I know the kids enjoyed it anyway.
Our evacuation destination. Thanks M & G!
The fast food we waiting 30 minutes for. (It seemed it was the only stop along the way that wasn't COMPLETELY crowded.)
Bumper to Bumper Evacuation Traffic
Remember The Alamo?
After the hurricane, we had a little roof work to do. Several sections of shingles blew off our home. My hero doing the dirty work so we didn't get any more water damage.
A Sunday afternoon stroll in San Antonio.
M saving the day (aka: playing Monopoly) while the parents took a break.
Our Home, prior to evacuating. We hadn't boarded the door yet obviously.
Pre-Hurricane Ike Galveston Beach during Labor Day weekend.
B's first day of 1st grade. He was SO excited.
T, my little supermodel.
Birthday Party #2 at Chuck-E-Cheese
Friends, Family, & Pizza - What a Party!
Playing in Denver at a park.
Climbing at the park. He was so proud of himself.
Here's A, cheering on Michael Phelps.
What a cutie boy! Give him food, and he's all smiles.
My crazy family eating B's b-day dinner. :)
"Put that camera away and give me some grub!"
Birthday Party #1 (Do you get twice the wishes as well as presents!?)
Loving those presents! Even T is excited.
A is STILL not walking. He must get his stubborness from Hubby. hehe (I can say that, he doesn't read this blog.)
My cute hubby & I, being lazy.
Hubby & the kids - what cheezies.
Playing in Galveston.
Waiting for the Dolphin 'cruise.' Sweating...
B & M waiting too! We had a blast.
Dolphins away.
Cousins enjoying the cruise too.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Aftermath

Here are some links & Pictures of the area to give you an idea of what a Category 2 can do. (I-45 runs N&S to the west of our house by about 10 miles. Kemah-one of the click2houston slide shows is 5 miles from our home to the East.)


Although we'll have to deal with much devastation in the area, our home was minimally hit. Several shingles need to be fixed on our roof, and our fence is down and will need to be replaced/repaired. We have no water damage and we have power. There is a curfew in the area as well, so we are only able to be out (not that we are trying to be out) from dawn until dusk. We are under a Boil Alert for our water, but we have several cases of drinking water. All in all, we were truly blessed. Other people in our area and even our ward were not nearly as lucky. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. The phones are still very busy and we are rarely able to call out. We have been able to receive phone calls, but if we miss you and you don't hear from us, just know that we are safe and well. We love you & will try to keep you updated as best as we can.