Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Blast!


I just wanted to let you know that we are all alive and well. We had a great Memorial Day weekend starting with a breakfast outside with friends, going to see the new Naria flick, and then finishing it off with a backyard BBQ all complete with a 16 ft waterslide. It was great fun! I'm sure I should have some pictures, but I didn't even get around to taking any. Maybe I will tomorrow to make up for it. :)

What did you do?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Me VS. the Machine

This morning as I went to the gym I saw that there was a spinning class in a hour. "Hmmm, that should be fun!" I thought. "I've got an hour and so I'll just go run uphill until then, and afterward I'll do the class. It should only be like a half hour long and it'll be a nice way to finish out my workout."

*Insert hysterical laughter; Follow with a few tears drenched in sweat.*

HOLY CRAP! Did I get my butt kicked or what? I only made it twenty minutes (of the not thirty, but sixty minute class) until my body gave out. As I got off the bike, while the rest of the class was still huffing and puffing along, (although you couldn't tell over MY huffing) and began my walk of shame toward the exit, I received the token, "Hey, good job anyway!" I respond with a shrug and an embarrassed smile as I limp out the door, all the while praying that the jello that once were my legs doesn't give out and embarrass me further.

So now, showered and sweat-free, I am feeling pretty darn proud of myself that I lasted the ten extra minutes of sheer torture after I decided that I wouldn't last another two. I mean, really. I could look at this as, "Man, I suck! I can't even finish a class." But instead, I'm enjoying the fact that those last ten minutes didn't beat me (even though the eleventh one did) and I'm already pondering when I'll get back on that wretched bike again. Most DEFINITELY without an hour workout prior. Hey, I even might make it thirty minutes!

So, YEAH for me and my sweaty moment of empowerment!!! Then again, this euphoria could be drug induced seeing as how I took 2 IBuprofen & 2 Tylenol as soon as I got home in an attempt to stave off the pain of my 'successful' workout. :)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Talk Nerdy to Me!

No, I'm not it. My brother used to call me a "bookworm" every time he saw me with my nose in a book - which was quite often. & Because my love to read has not diminished in the least, I immediately wanted to participate in this Tag, even though I had not even been tagged. I'm a dork, I know. :)

Here're the rules if you want to be nerdy like me and chose yourself for a tag. :)

1. Pick up the nearest book (at least 123 pages)
2. Turn to page 123
3. Find the 5th sentence
4. Post the 5th sentence on your blog
5. Tag 5 people

The closest book to me was "The Host" by Stephanie Meyer. *I have yet to read it, it's third on my list as the other two are rented out to me right now & I own The Host... ANYWAY!

"Her face was a mass of wrinkles, all of them turning down into angry lines."

This is a tag that you can do if you want, I'm not picking 5 people & so no one is forced here. :) Have fun.

Losing THE Tooth

Strike One...

Check out his face!!! He was so stressed that it would hurt. And then it was all he could do to figure out why he still had it in there!

After this traumatic episode, he didn't let us anywhere near that tooth. Although he did take quite a bit of delight in playing with it and seeing how far he could stick his tongue through the hole. Then, finally, a few days ago, he was playing with it and it just fell right out. Because it was loose for so long, the new tooth was already breaking though the skin the next day. What a fun time!

Moments to Remember

A is 10 months old today. It seems crazy to me that so much time has passed since his birth and our move. 10 months... And yet, at the same time, it feels like a lifetime ago. How does that happen? How is it that we live our lives for today and sometimes tomorrow, and then all of a sudden, yesterday is so far in the past that it stuns us and it's all we can do to relive the memories we do have?

I've been meaning to post for sometime now. But it seems that every time that I get on here and have a tidbit to say, it never seems important enough and so I put it off for another day when I'm 'hopefully' feeling more inspired than that moment in time. Not that I'm feeling all that 'inspired' today, I just realized that my baby will soon be 1 and I wanted to mark this not-so-significant day as significant. And then I get to thinking...

Why do I only mark the significant moments in my life? Why is it that births, deaths, anniversaries, holidays, and vacations tend to be the markers on my memories? Why is it so hard to remember that my little girl sleeps in underwear now and has only had one accident since the transition from pull-ups? Why is it that a momentus occasion of my son's first A-grade can bring about celebrations, but that the second is looked upon as the new standard? How is it that I neglect to record moments in my children's lives such as a first tooth grown or a first tooth lost and focus on the day to day calendaring activities? Do I not pay enough attention to what's going to be remembered by my children? Do I pay too much attention to what they see as insignificant? Probably.

And so here I am, trying to make a moment into one of my permanent memories. This picture was taken at an everyday, non-spectacular outing to the park. A friend happened to snap it while I was playing with A and viola, a priceless memory was created. With that said, here's to memories and the moments we take to give them the credit they deserve.