Saturday, October 31, 2009

I pretty much suck at this...

Going with my softball team to an Astros game. SO much fun!! I sure miss playing.

Isn't he a hottie?!? I'm such a lucky girl.
Showing off our muscles at the beach a couple of weeks ago. Gotta love TX in the Fall - you can still hit the beach!!!
My first 5K - WOO HOO! I did it!!! (It was VERY early in the morning on a Saturday and the photos didn't turn out very well. I think M was still halfway asleep!!)
Meet the Flintstones!
So I was looking at my blog - something I haven't done in a LONG time and I thought it was time to update.

It seems that September & October have been a blink and I can't believe November starts tomorrow! The kids have been really busy with school and A & I have been chillin' at home by ourselves for the majority of the day. As far as specifics, my memory doesn't retain them. I'll just try to do better for the next while as this time of year is so wonderful and I hope to share it with you as well.

Yesterday was our ward Halloween party and I thought that I should at least upload a photo to share on one of my favorite holidays! Hope yours was fabulous! Until next time...