Friday, August 6, 2010

Do Not Adjust Your Screen

Don't freak out, its a real post. I know, its been a while (to say the least). It seems that no matter how many times I start a journaling project, I always neglect it along the way. Hmmm, so recap?

June: School getting out and then trying to put together some sort of schedule so the kids don't forget everything they learned. Full of swim lessons being rained out, and rescheduled. (At least I THINK that was June!) One of the problems with recapping 2 months later. My computer needed to be overhauled and so all of my calendaring items were deleted. & Yes, I know that its pathetic when you can't remember what you did when its not recorded online.

July: Full of birthdays (Mine & A's - My baby is 3!!). I saw WICKED for the first time and fell in love with it. LOTS of time spent at the pool. Girl's camp & a quickie girl's weekend (pictures to follow - or not, if I'm honest with myself). Splurging on new toys (a laptop & iPod - but the iPod was free, so I don't feel so bad about that.) We also bought yet another new weed eater. I know that you are all on the edge of your seats as I talk about our boring financials...

August: Missing friends that moved away. Gearing up for B's baptism, visits from parents, B's birthday party, School starting for TWO of my kids (AHHHHHH!) and lamenting the fact that we didn't fit in a summer vacation. (All the while still worrying/wondering what the future has in store for us - Stupid Obama!)

I can't believe my little girl is starting school. Its kinda funny talking to her about it. Some days she's so excited she screams, and then others, she holds me close and tells me she's scared. My baby... And then, in October, A will begin preschool 3 days a week. M keeps hinting that there probably won't be a better opportunity to have a baby and I politely smile back, and then change the topic. :) He then approaches an equally dangerous subject of me going back to work. And at that point I distract him again using more persuasive means. And so the cycle continues... Have I mentioned, I don't like making decisions.

Well, to all my loved ones who actually read this - I do love you and think of you quite a lot. & I'm sorry that I've been silent for so long. Miss you too. -A (If you get tired of waiting, you can always check Facebook for an extremely ambiguous daily status.) :)