Wednesday, May 9, 2012


 A - Super proud of his Lego creation.  He's always building some kind of space ship.  I still can't believe he starts K this year!  Where did the time go?  If I would've known he was my last baby, I'd have done a whole lot more snuggling.  A funny about him is that any time you compliment him, he's all, 'Yeah, I know.'  Almost to the point of being bothered.  What a crack up.
 T - What a little sweetie/diva.  She is constantly singing her heart out around the house (and does a pretty darn good job at it) when she's not playing with her brothers.  She's very independent and extremely self confident.  She is definitely the little mother of the house and always makes sure people are doing what they should.  She'll be going into 2nd this year.  I hope they are ready for her.
B - He'll be 10!!! in August.  Am I really that old??  He is my imaginative child with quite a sneaky side to him.  He is getting a more witty sense of humor and tends to get a lot more of Matt & my jokes.  Its been pretty fun having a little confidant.  Love that smile.